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The process ideally starts with identifying your lot or parcel of land to design your dream home around! Buildable land comes in different shapes, sizes, direction and grade. The structure should be built into the land and flow with the terrain.

Your home design begins with a meeting to discuss your list of wants, needs, rooms/count, and style. To help paint us a picture we ask you to share many images that speak to you. Pictures are a great language used to help elaborate general exterior aesthetics, interior details, features ordecorthat you find appealing.
The embryo of the design starts with a rough 1st draft to identify room layouts and general direction. For example, location of the garage, kitchen, common area, etc.

Part of our process is to analyze and find the common denominators in the pictures and input you provide. We will poke and prod with different ideas to learn your triggers and individual palate.Over time, the house plan evolves in detail and personality. Your feedback, like course corrections, will help direct our design for you. As the design takes shape, it slowly takes on a personality of its own. Uncertainty turns into excitement as your bespoke home comes to life.
We feel a home should represent the environment that feels most natural and comfortable to you.

Below are some homes iDeation Builders personally custom tailored for a few past clients: